VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is now widely used across the board - from residential households to large corporates. Why? the increased availability of free on-net calls in the main.

However, truth be known, there are many more benefits to VoIP than just savings on call costs. The initial set up is fast and requires far less upfront capital investment, the flexibility and scalability of the system means future growth can be easily accommodated, and the flow of incoming calls can be more efficiently managed reducing the time, stress, and costs associated with managing a traditional telephone system.

The reason VoIP can afford to be so cheap is because it taps into an already made infrastructure – the Internet. We offer bespoke VoIP packages that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, and which allow you to retain your BT numbers.

Sounds to good to be true, right? We use it – Call us and see for yourself.

key features include:

  • FREE on-net calls
  • Competitively priced off-net calls
  • Easy online system management
  • Completely scalable solutions
  • Retain your BT numbers
  • Helpdesk and ongoing maintenance support
  • Solutions for varying business requirements
  • 30 day contracts

Other Hosted Services:

Hosted E-Mail

We offer a fully hosted and managed E-Mail service.

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Off-Site Backup

Some things are not worth risking, and being without an off-site server backup facility is one of them.

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Website Hosting

West63rd specialise in the delivery of reliable and affordable complex website and E-Commerce hosting solutions.

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Cloud Services

West63rd offer a variety of secure cloud based services including Kerio Connect, off-site backup solutions, and IAAS (infrastructure as a service).

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